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Sealing Machine Continuous Band Sealer Plastic Film Sealer

Equipped with a belted conveyor for faster sealing and a digital tempreture control system, our sealer machine is high productivity and east to operate.

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    Band Sealer
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Band Sealer High Productivity Sealing Machine Bag Packing Machine

1. Description


Our band sealer is equipped with a digital tempreture controller and a belted conveyor for fasting sealing, easy to operate. After sealed, the bag is embossed with the embossing roller for added seal strength, and the conveyor can carry the bags to the exit automatically.

2. Main Structure

Structure of Band Sealer

3. Basic Parameters


Category : Packing Machine

Power 0.5 kW Net Weight 23 kg
Certification ISO 9001 Voltage 220 V or customer required
Temp. Range 0-300 ℃ Sealing Speed 1-20 m/min
Packing Speed 5-70 bags/min Sealing Length Unlimited
Warranty Time   12 months Dimension 800*385*300 mm


  • Digital temp. control system,fast warm-up.
  • Design to prevent electric leakage.
  • Pure metal cooling block and heating block, heating evenly and durable in use.
  • Equipped with air cooling system, cool down fast to protect the sealer.
  • Adopt automatic conveyor, reinforced and thickened guide wheel, driven and driving wheel for running smoothly.
  • Work with all heat sealable bags, such as PE, PP and laminations.

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  • World-class quality
  • Factory sale directly with competitive price
  • Flexible payment terms including T/T,L/C and so on
  • Fast delivery within 15 days receiving the deposit
  • Professional sales team,quality inspection and report, maritime logistics guidance
  • After-sale services:video technical support, 24 h online support

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Leave a message

    If you are interested in any XFD product,please leave us a message,we will reply to you soon.(Privacy Policy)

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