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  • How to Choose the Right Popper for Me ?
    • November 20, 2019
    How to Choose the Right Popper for Me ?

    XFD design our equipments to be user-friendly, making it easy and cost-effective to implement at any location. We manufacture many types of popcorn equipments (cinema popper, commercial popper, industrial popper, seasoning machine and packaging machine) that could meet any kinds of your needs. But How to choose the right popper for you ? Here are six questions you need to ask yourself before you p...

  • A Revolution:Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine
    • July 22, 2019
    A Revolution:Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine

    XFD released a new successor popcorn machine in 2013. Since then, this generation of Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine has established XFD’s leader position all over the world. The electromagnetic heating technology redefines popcorn machines, this was verified these years. The traditional electric heating is a process in which electrical energy is converted to heat energy. Normally, the kettle of t...

  • Different XFD Kettles, Different Heating Technologies
    • July 22, 2019
    Different XFD Kettles, Different Heating Technologies

    XFD specializes in R&D and manufacturing popcorn machines, our technologies are the most advanced all over the world, that is why we are a leader in popcorn machine manufacturing industry, won the NATIONAL HIGH & NEW TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE awarded and got the subsidy from Chinese government. All the XFD popcorn machines can be divided into three categories according to the types of kettle a...

  • Bluetooth Control Technology and XFD app for Poppers
    • November 04, 2019
    Bluetooth Control Technology and XFD app for Poppers

    XFD introduces a new option for commercial popcorn machines. The way you control popcorn machine has been changed in the field of popcorn machinery. During near one year, we spend plenty of energy on the control system of popcorn machines, and finally gets a good result: announces an advanced control technology——Bluetooth in popcorn machine and XFD app on mobile. Bluetooth is a wireless technology...

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