• Verified as Gold Suppliers by SGS
    Verified as Gold Suppliers by SGS
    • Mar 11, 2022

    SGS – the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification company, is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. SGS is the first third-party joint venture inspection organization in China to be accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) ISO 17020. The laboratory is accredited by many authoritative organizations, such as CNAS, CMA, IECCC, GS, DAKKS, UKAS, HOKLAS , KFDA, JPMA, ISTA, CCC, cGMP, etc. On this day, the SGS team carried out trade service capability certification for the company, as following aspects, “current export situation”, “production capacity”, “quality assurance”,  “R&D capacity”,  “production flow”, and so on. The certification partners have checked export business income and customer statistics over the years, and they have highly recognized sales manager. At the end of its two-day certification process, at the certified Close Meeting, when SGS announced to the company that the SGS certification process for XFD fully complies with the procedures of SGS. Gold Plus Supplier passed! Everyone feels that this more than two months of busy work is worth it! XFD has always adhered to the philosophy of customer first and service first. In order to further improve our service level, strengthen product quality control, and provide customers with better products and services, the company's senior management made a strategic decision and invited top international certification companies to carry out strict certification of our products and services. We believe that through the system certification, our company's management level will reach a new level, our advantages will be more prominent, and our customers will be more satisfied with our products and services.

  • XFD Shakes Hands With Weaver Popcorn
    XFD Shakes Hands With Weaver Popcorn
    • Sep 11, 2019

    On Sep. 10th, 2019, Mr. William, the CEO of the world’s largest popcorn supplier Weaver Popcorn Company, visited XFD again. Weaver Popcorn is the largest bulk popcorn producer in the world, selling under its Pop Weaver brand and co-manufacturing distinct varieties of kernels to serve businesses both domestically and internationally. Benefitting from over 90 years and four generations of the Weaver family's expertise in the popcorn industry, Weaver Popcorn produces more than one-third of the highest quality kernels in over 90 countries worldwide. Since last visit on Aug.10, 2019,  Mr. William was interested in XFD and our electromagnetic popcorn machines. This time he tested the electromagnetic popcorn production line, industrial cooker & coater and other popcorn equipments and proposed some great ideas for the further cooperation in the future. Finally, Mr. William ordered industrial popcorn production line from XFD, including popcorn machine and packing machine. This is the first time XFD formally shakes hands with Weaver Popcorn. With the tremendous technical strength, honest services, reasonable price and good reputation, XFD got high praise from Mr. William. This visit promoted the bilateral exchanges and cooperation, and played an important role in promoting the company's market competitiveness and forming strategic partnership. Through this deep exchange with Weaver Popcorn, XFD has laid a solid foundation to open up the international market in the future. In the near future, XFD's development will be better and better.

    • Dec 10, 2016

    Based on the 25 patents and powerful technologies, XFD Xiamen Machinery Technology Ltd, a leader in popcorn machine manufacturing industry, won the NATIONAL HIGH & NEW TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE awarded by Innovation and Technology Bureau and got the subsidy from Chinese government. Since 2013, we have specialized in the manufacture of standard and customized popcorn machines for commercial, cinema and industrial conditions, our mission is to use our experience and expertise to provide quality but economical popcorn machines to the world. We have been engaged in research and development of new technology, such as our electromagnetic technology and the round bottom kettle technologies on popcorn machines. All the technology patents and awards are the witness to the strength of us. Therefore, we have maintained a leading position in popcorn machine manufacturing industry in recent years. Meanwhile, these make a strong foundation for all- round development of our company. In the future, we will research and develop more and more advanced technologies on popcorn machines and try our best to bring about a revolution in popper business.  Please pay close attention to us.

  • Technology is the Future of XFD
    Technology is the Future of XFD
    • Jan 20, 2019

    XFD Xiamen Machinery Technology Ltd is an international high-tech enterprise, specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of popcorn equipments. With the continuous development of the popcorn market, the competition will certainly be fiercer. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the traditional popcorn machine technology. In recent years, XFD has increased the input of R&D fund and organized excellent R&D team to develop new products and new technologies on popcorn machines. The progresses of our new technology have brought about a revolution in popper business, especially our electromagnetic popcorn machines. In 2013-2018, more and more new devices and technologies have been used in our new products and recognized as patents by the SIPO. Up to now, XFD has won 23 patents, including 8 Patents for Industrial Design, 14 Patents for Utility Model and 1 Patent for Invention. The patent details are shown in the following. All these patents are the witness to our core competition power and provide strong technological support to our new products. Therefore, in recent years XFD has maintained a leading position in manufacturing popcorn machine. Now, we are developing an robot on popcorn machine, please pay close attention to XFD. XFD Patents List No. Patent Type Product Patent No. No. Patent Type Product Patent No. 1 Invension A Type of Popcorn Machine ZL201310186223.7 13 Utility Model Automatic Cooling & Filtering Machine ZL201420306061.6 2 Industrial Design A Type of Popcorn Warmer ZL201530140777.3 14 Utility Model Automatic Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine ZL201420306063.5 3 Industrial Design Air Flow Puffing Popcorn Machine ZL201530192948.7 15 Utility Model Cooker and Coater ZL201420306053.1 4 Industrial Design A Type of Popcorn Machine ZL201330187828.9 16 Utility Model A Type of Popcorn Warmer ZL201520307271.1 5 Industrial Design Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine ZL201330159019.7 17 Utility Model Cooker and Coater ZL201520307194.X 6 Industrial Design Industrial Cooker and Coater ZL201830520670.5 18 Utility Model Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine ZL201520307578.1 7 Industrial Design Commercial Popcorn Machine ZL201830576185.X 19 Utility Model Air Flow Puffing Popcorn Machine ZL201520406623.9 8 Industrial Design A Type of Popcorn Kettle ZL201730063467.5 20 Utility Model Air Flow Puffing Machine ZL201520945463.5 9 Industrial Design Cinema Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine ZL201730063492.3 21 Utility Model Popcorn Machine with Cooling Table ZL201620773826.6 10 Utility Model Suspended Popcorn Machine ZL201720234455.9 22 Utility Model Oil Pump ZL201821290398.7 11 Utility Model Self-help Discharging Warmer ZL201720217046.8 23 Utility Model Feeding Structure of Popcorn Machine ZL201821289986.9 12 Utility Model A Type of Popcorn Machine ZL201620799923.2        

  • Popcorn Makes Wanda Cinema and XFD Closer!
    Popcorn Makes Wanda Cinema and XFD Closer!
    • Jun 27, 2019

    Popcorn has forged the indissoluble bond with Cinema Studios since 1930 in America. It is vital to the money-making of Cinema Chains. Wanda Cinema, the China's largest cinema chain who operates with 595 cinemas and a total of 5279 movie screens now, pays attention to popcorn business, and since the year of 2014, as a leader of professional popcorn machine manufacturer, XFD cooperated with Wanda Cinema and won a great success. Popcorn makes XFD and Wanda Cinema closer! Popcorn economy plays an important role in gross profit of cinema studios. The jumbo popcorn explodes by XFD easy-operating popcorn machine is tasty, crispy and healthy. Coated evenly, the jumbo popcorn is moderately sweet, that’s why Wanda chooses XFD and this is why Wanda Cinema attendance increased rapidly! The popcorn machine that XFD manufacture for Wanda is high productivity, low noise, no wider safety consideration and stable performance. It can be easy to operate via the “one-click” architecture of the operational panel and mobile phone. Regarding details and features as following: Automatic oil-feeding system Automatic material-feeding control system with feeder Automatic exhaust system Automatic kettle-dumping system Large cooling stirring turntable High-efficiency vibration, automatic transfer As the leader of the popcorn industry in China, XFD are well-known in this field. Our popcorn equipment is unique, always leading the trend and also can be customized. We sincerely hope to keep a good long-term cooperation relationship with Wanda Cinema and we also welcome some other farsighted clients to create a better future together.

  • XFD Obtained the Halal Certificate Successfully
    XFD Obtained the Halal Certificate Successfully
    • Mar 05, 2021

    XFD's application for a Halal certificate was approved. What is a Halal certificate? It means that food, medicine and cosmetics, as well as food, medicine and cosmetic additives, conform to the habits and needs of Muslims. It is a rule established on the basis of the Islamic scriptures and in modern times is also considered a food safety certification. There are strict application requirements and production control mechanisms to apply for Halal certification. We need to fill out the required paperwork and present the required documentation with the help of the Halal Certification Centre staff in China and wait for the review. After that, we wait for the local Halal staff to visit XFD. From time to time, the Chinese Halal Certification Body and the Islamic Association of China will also conduct random checks on the production status. And also check if the XFD is still qualified for Halal certification. So why did we apply for Halal certification? There are two considerations at the top of the company. Firstly, Halal certification is a passport for exporting to areas where there are Muslim populations. The number of Muslims is increasing year on year, with 1.6 billion people currently practicing Islam alone. You can realize from the figures alone how large the purchasing power of the Islamic market is. Secondly, XFD X-POP is specialized in producing flavored popcorn seasoning powders, burn-Free popcorn sugar and other popcorn ingredients for various flavors of popcorn(popcorn ingredients, such as burn-free popcorn sugar America caramel flavor,burn-free popcorn sugar milk flavor, cheese seasoning powder, seaweed seasoning powder, etc.). To prove the strength of XFD X-POP, our company is now certified to the dual Chinese and Muslim production standards. In an era of cost savings and revenue maximization, these certifications are the best samples of propaganda that will allow XFD to come further into the market and into the eyes of the masses.

  • CineAsia 2019, A Grand-scale Pageant
    CineAsia 2019, A Grand-scale Pageant
    • Oct 10, 2019

    CineAsia is a convention and tradeshow dedicated to the needs of the movie theatre industry. Now in the 25th year of CineAsia, it continues to be the best and most effective way to network and do business with the motion picture industry in the APAC region including popcorn equipments. CineAsia will take place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on December 9-12th, 2019. Nowhere else in Asia can we accomplish as much in a short period of time to sustain, and help grow our business in the year to come. Attendees will also get an opportunity to visit the Trade Show where we can learn about the latest equipment, products, and technologies to stay ahead of the trends. For example, our electromagnetic popcorn machine is the latest technology developments for poppers. CineAsia is really a grand-scale pageant, XFD has attended it many times, we will join the CineAsia 2019 and show some new products on popcorn machines with our newest technologies at that time. We welcome you to present the exhibition, so we can communicate with you as far as products or anything concerned.

  • Popcorn Festival in China
    Popcorn Festival in China
    • Aug 16, 2019

    Popcorn has changed the world as we all know it. What was first used by Aztec Indians in the 16th century as decoration for ceremonial headdresses, necklaces, and ornaments on statues of their gods has now evolved into a beloved American snack. Americans consume some 14 billion quarts of this whole-grain snack. That is 43 quarts per man, woman, and child. Besides, popcorn also has a long history in China. According to the record, there is a popping popcorn activity in the Ghost Festival. The Popcorn Poppin’ Festival is the perfect time to celebrity popcorn! The Popcorn Festival in Wanda Cinema is the largest popcorn festival in China annually attracting crowds over 250,000. Rides open August 16, 2019, to August 20, 2019. The Popcorn Festival is a place to be as thousands of web celebrities gather to punch cards and take photos. 2019, the popcorn festival theme is “the flavor of the food enhances the charm of the movie, and in the name of the movie embellished their life”. As is known to all, since XFD Internet Celebrity Popcorn Maker is stationed in Wanda Cinema, this will be very helpful to upgrade the popcorn festival in Wanda Cinema, whose attendance increased 50%! But what exactly is this low-calorie food and how is it made? XFD Internet Celebrity Popcorn Maker uses the advanced electromagnetic heating technology to make popcorn! Also uses Coater Mixer Tumbler to coat the popcorn with powder, liquid and nuts. The most distinct features are their “Taiwan pickled taste” and “the joss-stick hot crayfish taste”. The new taste of constant innovation makes the audience flock to Wanda Cinema, which has become a popular place for young audiences to punch cards. So, make a bowl and join the Popcorn Poppin’ Festival celebration!

  • Deep Impact of Dual Control of Energy Consumption
    Deep Impact of Dual Control of Energy Consumption
    • Oct 10, 2021

    The winter is coming! Recently the “Dual Control of Energy Consumption” policy of the Chinese government has had a deep impact on manufacturing factories in China. In addition, the China Ministry of Ecology and Environment has issued the draft of “2021-2022 Autumn and Winter Action Plan for Air Pollution Management” in September, so that the production capacity in some industries may be further restricted. These will deeply impact on the manufacturing supply chain, not only the prices, but also the delivery time for orders. Due to the reasons above, the delivery dates of all parts from our suppliers are delayed and the prices of all parts for our popcorn equipment are pushing higher. All these make the popcorn equipment manufacturing capacity and efficiency of our factory decreased. To mitigate the impact of these restrictions, if you need popcorn machines, we recommend you place an order as soon as possible and pay attention to the new policy from Chinese government . We will arrange production according to the order of customers’ orders and try our best to deliver goods on time. For more details, please contact our sales.

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