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Multi-function Automatic Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine

This multi-function packing machine can achieve filling, wrapping, labeling and sealing functions. It is driven by electricity and very easy to operate, suitable for manufacturing plant, food factory, beverage factory and so on.

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Automatic packaging machine Automatic inner and outer bag packing machine

1. Description


CF-169 is a new type of heat sealed and multi-function automatic teabag packing equipments. The inner and outer bags are formed together in one time, which avoids direct contact between the hands and materials and improves efficiency. The inner bag is filter paper or nylon types and the outer bag is composite film type.

The biggest advantage is that the packaging capacity of inner bag and outer bag can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the sizes of the inner and outer bags can be adjusted according to the different needs, so as to achieve the most ideal packaging effect, improve the appearance of the products and increase the products’ value.

It is suitable for the inner and outer bags packaging of small particles and powders, such as coffee, tea, herbal tea, flower tea, health tea, medecines and ginseng tablets .

2. Basic Parameters


Power 1.9 kW Net Weight 6550 kg
Certification ISO 9001 Voltage 220 V or customer required
Packing Range 1-15 g Inner Bag Size W:75-95 mm,  L:80-120 mm
Packing Speed 30-40 bags/min Outer Bag Size W: 45-80 mm, L: 50-75 mm
Warranty Time   12 months Dimension 1750*740*1950 mm

 Main Structure

Inner and Outer bag Packing Machine

4. Features

  • Adopt industrial PLC control system, ensure the stable performance and be easy for parameters adjusting.
  • Adopt the most advanced microcomputer chip control system.
  • Sophisticated sealing structure for premade bag in reliable sealing.
  • High precision data-type weighing sensor realizes precise weighing.
  • Separate PID temperature controller, suitable for the sealing of various packing materials.
  • The inner bag packed with thread and tag automatically.
  • Muilti-union roll film structure and sophisticated sealing framework for perfect bag shape forming.
  • High quality wear parts from World-famous Brand igus, Leadshine, SMC, ensure the stability, longer working life and easy to get for replacing.

5. Q & A

Q1. How to find a packing machine that suits my product?

Re: Tell us about your product details and the packing requirements.

(1) What kind of product you have.

(2) The bag/pouch size (length and width).

(3) The weight of your product for each bag (it depends on what specific product you have).

(4) Your requirement for the machines and the bag types.

Q2. Can your company do ODM for the packing machine?

Re: Yes. We have a strong engineering team which can make designs for non-standard machines to meet different needs of a package solution. 

Q3. How can I check the machine quality after placing an order?

Re: Before delivery, We will do testing on every machine and send the testing video and pictures for your check. And also you can arrange for quality checking by the third-party inspection organization.


Q4. How can deal with the machine if it has a problem on my site?

Re: We have full-time staff to service you. The after-sales team with technicians will help to find out the problem and give advice to you. If need oversea service, we have professional technicians with oversea service experience to serve oversea clients. But service charges and travel fee with accommodation are responsible for your side.


Q5. We are afraid you won't send us machines after payment?

Re: Please note our above business license and certificate from the government agency. We are the partner of world's largest popcorn supplier----Pop Weaver, this is the witness of our strength! And if you don't trust us, then we can use trade assurance service or payment by L/C to guarantee your money.


Q6. Can you explain the whole transaction process?

Re: (1) Sign the contract.

      (2) Arrange a 30% deposit to us.

      (3) Workshop arranges production.

      (4) Testing and detecting the machine before shipment.

      (5) Arrange the balance before shipment. 

Q7. What is your after-sales services?

Re: Manual Installation Book, Video Support, Online Support. And if need oversea service, we will send professional technicians with oversea service experience to serve oversea clients. But service charges and travel fee with accommodation are responsible for your side.

Q8. Why we should choose your company?

Re: High quality spare parts from the world famous ABB and SIEMENS, ensure stable safe operation, longer working life and easy to get for replacements.

Q9. What’s the differences for solid, powder or liquid packing?

Re: For liquid, we advise piston or motor pump, for powders, we advise auger filler or volumetric cup filler, for solid, granule and flack, we advise multi-head weigher, linear weigher or volumetric cup filler.

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Leave a message

    If you are interested in any XFD product,please leave us a message,we will reply to you soon.(Privacy Policy)

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