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XFD Xiamen Machinery Technology Ltd is located in the TongAn Industrial Concentration Zone of Xiamen city, Fujian Province. Founded in 2013, our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design and manufacturing POPCORN PRODUCTION AND PACKING EQUIPMENT and sales of POPCORN INGREDIENTS. We invented the first induction popcorn machine on earth, and we believe that XFD can make your popcorn business easier.

Through the efforts of our professional staff, XFD has won NATIONAL HIGH & NEW TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE awarded by Innovation and Technology Bureau, 48 patents on popcorn machines. In order to meet the worldwide market demand, XFD passed the international quality inspection of ISO 9001:2015 and many products got the CE certificates awarded by the Europe Alliance. All these certificates are the witness of our strength. In order to ensure excellent product quality and competitive advantage in price, XFD keeps innovating and improving its quality from raw materials to production, technology and management.

XFD has already secured the leading position in the field of popcorn machinery. We cooperate with the world's largest popcorn supplier from USA and Chinese famous cinemas and popcorn factories, such as WANDA, JINYI, OSCAR, POLY, SFC, TAHOE, JUSTPOP, POPPY BLOOM ,WARLOCK, etc. Relying on the 11-year manufacturing experience, our products have won the good reputation all over the world by our high quality , first-class services and by that enable them to benefit from the increasing high productivity of their products.

Factory View

Popcorn factory view

Production Line

Popcorn Machine production line

R&D Team

Popcorn machine rearch and development team

Main Cooperative Partners

Popcorn machine end user

Packaging and Delivery

Popcorn machine Packaging

XFD Patents List

No. Patent Type Product Patent No. No. Patent Type Product Patent No.
1 Invension A Type of Popcorn Machine ZL201310186223.7 13 Utility Model Automatic Cooling & Filtering Machine ZL201420306061.6
2 Industrial Design A Type of Popcorn Warmer ZL201530140777.3 14 Utility Model Automatic Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine ZL201420306063.5
3 Industrial Design Air Flow Puffing Popcorn Machine ZL201530192948.7 15 Utility Model Cooker and Coater ZL201420306053.1
4 Industrial Design A Type of Popcorn Machine ZL201330187828.9 16 Utility Model A Type of Popcorn Warmer ZL201520307271.1
5 Industrial Design Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine ZL201330159019.7 17 Utility Model Cooker and Coater ZL201520307194.X
6 Industrial Design Industrial Cooker and Coater ZL201830520670.5 18 Utility Model Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine ZL201520307578.1
7 Industrial Design Commercial Popcorn Machine ZL201830576185.X 19 Utility Model Air Flow Puffing Popcorn Machine ZL201520406623.9
8 Industrial Design A Type of Popcorn Kettle   ZL201730063467.5 20 Utility Model Air Flow Puffing Machine ZL201520945463.5
9 Industrial Design Cinema Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine ZL201730063492.3 21 Utility Model Popcorn Machine with Cooling Table ZL201620773826.6
10 Utility Model Suspended Popcorn Machine ZL201720234455.9 22 Utility Model Oil Pump ZL201821290398.7
11 Utility Model Self-help Discharging Warmer ZL201720217046.8 23 Utility Model Feeding Structure of Popcorn Machine ZL201821289986.9
12 Utility Model A Type of Popcorn Machine ZL201620799923.2 24 Invension A Type of Hot Air Popcorn Machine    ZL201811204786.3 

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