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Floor Model Caramelizer Seasoning Machine on 6' Table with Blower

Diversify your concession business to include caramel or savory corn! This caramelizer has an all in one design that melt, coat and mix savory or caramel flavor popcorn per kettle, which is a space-saving, money making machine. Try this for retail locations, gourmet popcorn shops.

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Cooker and Coater Seasoning Savory or Caramel Popcorn Caramelizer with Sieve and Blower

1. Description


This Caramelizer, which is on a 6' table with blower, has two mixing baffles design that can improve the coating process and efficiency, provide a well coated popcorn product.  An adjustable digital display and control is designed for precise temperature settings and measures actual product temperature. An audible alarm indicates when temperature is reached. Corn chute allows easy transfer of coated product from receiving tray to storage containers. The cooling bin has built in blowers that blow cool air up through the perforated steel tray bottom, cooling the coated corn more rapidly and speeding up the production process. Ideal for convenience stores, grocery stores, retail locations.


2. Basic Parameters

Brand XFD Quality High guarantee
Power 3.5 kW Voltage 220 V or Customer required
Certification CE, ISO 9001 Dimension 1600*812*1400
Condition New Main Material USU 304 stainless steel
Warranty Time   1 year Type Automatic

3. Details and Features

  • Automatic operation with buttons.
  • Equipped with locking caster.
  • Equipped with large mixing baffles to evenly coat popcorn with caramel and improve the coating process and efficiency.
  • Equipped with 6' table with blower to reducing cooling time by 80% and provide more working space.
  • Adjustable rotate speed for stirring.
  • Safety assured to avoid any burning.
  • Less noise pollution during the operation.
  • Modularization design make it easy to maintain and replace.
  • Standard high quality electrical components from World-famous Brand, such as ABB, DELTA and so on, ensure the stable operation, longer working life and can be got easily for replacing.
  • Durable and easy to clean.

4. Structure and Dimensions

Caramelizer and Popper

5. Why Choose Us ?

  • World-class quality
  • Factory sale directly with competitive price
  • Flexible payment terms including T/T,L/C and so on
  • Fast delivery within 15 days receiving the deposit
  • Professional sales team,quality inspection and report, maritime logistics guidance
  • After-sale services:video technical support, 24 h online support
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Leave a message

    If you are interested in any XFD product,please leave us a message,we will reply to you soon.(Privacy Policy)

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