Different XFD Kettles, Different Heating Technologies

  • 2019-07-22 16:34:36

Popcorn Machine with different technologies

XFD specializes in R&D and manufacturing popcorn machines, our technologies are the most advanced all over the world, that is why we are a leader in popcorn machine manufacturing industry, won the NATIONAL HIGH & NEW TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE awarded and got the subsidy from Chinese government. All the XFD popcorn machines can be divided into three categories according to the types of kettle and heating technologies.

1.   Flat Bottom Kettle (Electric Heating Technology)

This flat bottom kettle Popcorn Machine adopts the electric heating technology to pop corns. The electrical energy is converted to heat energy achieving 50%-60% energy utilization, 40%-50% energy release to the air. It uses disc type heater tube to ensure all the corn well burst. During heating, the heating process is short and produces a small amount of waste gas, residue and smoke, keeps the heated objects clean. Compared to other brands’ kettles, this XFD kettle is difficult to being damaged with 8 mm thickness stainless steel. Meanwhile, all the wires and heating lines are all built-in to avoid being damaged by objects or liquids which will lead to short circuit. It takes about 5 minutes to make a kettle of popcorn by using this technology. But the weakness is the heater tubes, wires and kettles are the consumables due to their hot working condition, although we use the best parts, after a long-term use, they will lead to creepage or short circuit. So it is better to change these spare parts in a suitable time. It should be noted that this weakness is not only the XFD’s, but this type of kettle and heating technology, that is why we develop our electromagnetic popcorn machine.

2.   Round Bottom Kettle (Electromagnetic Heating Technology)

This Popcorn Machine with round bottom kettle adopts the electromagnetic heating technology to pop corns. The stainless steel kettle heats itself, so the heating conversion rate is extremely high, reaching up to 97%, which is a direct heating technology. This technology is the most advanced in popcorn machine industry. The induction cooker works rapidly and efficiently. Electromagnetic heating offers an attractive combination of speed, consistency and control.Compared to the electric popcorn machine, it is safer, longer working life, more effective and energy-saving. Besides, compared to the flat bottom kettle, the round bottom kettle can avoid the centrifugal effect and ensure all the corns are in the middle where the effective heating area is and well burst while the stirring rod rotating in the kettle. It takes about 3 minutes to make a kettle of popcorn by using electromagnetic heating technology. The pelletizing ratio for jumbo (ball shape) is up to 90%.

3.   Air Roaster/Hot Air Popcorn Machine

This Hot Air Popcorn Machine bursts popcorn by hot air that heated by the heating elements without oil and sugar. It works by using high speed hot air circulation. When the machine is running, it begins to produce hot air and a mechanical blower begins to circulate it very fast around the corns, which can keep the finished popcorn crispy and healthy. Air Roaster Popper is healthy, cost-saving, easy-cleaning, popped fast, energy-saving and high productivity than other types of machines. It takes about 1-2 minute(s) to make a kettle of popcorn by using 400g corn per time.

These three types of popcorn machines means different efficiency and cost, we can choose them according to our needs, such as budget, places where use it and so on.

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